This Is How It’s Going With My Current Read

Think Like a Breadwinner: A Wealth-Building Manifesto for Women Who Want to Earn More (and Worry Less) 

By: Jennifer Barrett

Hello, Neighbour

I am currently on page 67 of this book and I thought I’d share what I’ve learned so far. I started reading this at the same time as Yinka, Where is Your Huzband? by Lizzie Damnilola Blackburn but I’m finally focusing on this one. Here’s a bit of what I am liking so far.

From a young age, a lot of us buy into the princess ending – that at some point our partners (who take on the “traditional” masculine role) will be the one to carry most of the financial burden in the relationship. Some of us are conditioned to hold onto many false financial beliefs that result in us not preparing for the possibility or the benefits of being breadwinners.

The messages fed to us are also in the media, for example, where men are advised on how and where to invest, women are told to budget (usually for something like the latest designer bag that no one wants to miss out on).

This book raises awareness of how women need to take charge of their financial futures. It discusses the challenges we have with imagining ourselves as breadwinners and how it can be difficult adjusting to that role whether it is by choice or because of circumstances such as divorce. It also helps to challenge ourselves in changing the stories we tell ourselves when it comes to finances, such as, “I’m not good with money, I leave all the big money decisions to my husband.”

I love how it discusses the advantages of this financial freedom which benefits not only the woman but her family as well, if she has one. It also shares stories of the men who earn less than their partners and do not have a problem with it, as opposed to the social belief that men who are out-earned by their partners will cheat, leave or become abusive,

This is what I’ve gathered from the book so far and I can see it promises to be of real benefit.

What are you currently reading?

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