I Am My Brand x LadyLuck Shapewear: Book-Brand Mashup

The Read | The Brand: I Am My Brand x LadyLuck

The Read | The Brand is a mashup of what I read and a brand I relate the book to.

I’ve been using Kubi Springer’s I Am My Brand for continuous consultation on all matters concerning business and personal branding. This is an incredible guide and an advantageous toolkit for women to create and grow their brands. Reading it reminded me of a brand that has not only become a personal favourite of mine but also echoes a lot of what I read in I Am My Brand.

Meet LadyLuck Shapewear, a brand selling undergarments which transform not only your body but your mind too, as they aptly say, “BOOTY AND BEYOND”. Springer says that a brand is an emotional connection with its target audience and LadyLuck does just that by transforming and empowering.

Their array of undergarments includes bodysuits, corsets, shapers, lingerie, nursing bras and boob tape. This is a brand which understands that the way a woman feels when experiencing their products is an important aspect their business has to deliver. They sell the kind of undergarments that boost confidence, helping women to look at the parts they feel less comfortable with in a different way. Stepping out into the world feeling self-assured about one’s body further boosts our confidence in the way we carry ourselves and do things.

I recently gave birth and everything has been everywhere. I found help at LadyLuck, with their comfortable and practical mid-thigh shapers and corsets. I can easily wear some of my pre-pregnancy clothes without feeling conscious of my new extra humps and jiggles.

I Am My Brand advises on learning to be able to explain what problem your brand solves and if the problem is relevant. Not all of us are able to carry our flaws and insecurities into the world with full courage. Body image issues are a common problem and shapewear offered by LadyLuck helps you look back at yourself in the mirror with a smile and acceptance. Own your body, play around with it and be comfortable with yourself when you put on their undergarments.


Springer also discusses important things such as packaging and brand colours. While shopping around Sarit Centre, you will not miss the cozy store with its soft colours, inviting you in to discover the power of good underwear.

LadyLuck Shapewear Store in Sarit Centre

The brand encourages you to embrace femininity, to get dressed, feel good, look exquisite and show up with tons of confidence.

LadyLuck Shapewear“Girl…grab some and go run the world!”

Visit their website: www.ladyluckshapewear.com

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