A Taste of Nietzsche’s Last Work

A glimpse into the work of one of the most acclaimed influencers of modern thinking.

Why I Am So Clever

This short and easy-to-digest booklet is part of Penguin’s Little Black Classics series, and is taken from Nietzsche’s Ecce Homo. The German philosopher and cultural critic wrote it before losing control of his mental faculties. He spent the last ten years or so of his life with his mental health waning.  

Nietzsche wrote work that would go on to have a great influence on philosophy and the arts. In Why I Am So Clever he analyses and criticizes his own work and achievements. Aware of his accomplishments, Nietzsche praises but also mocks himself.

If you are new to his work then this 64-pages long book is a good introduction. It gives you a feel of what his work is about; his views and criticism of morality and religion.  

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