Exploring Spontaneous Decision-Making with Malcolm Gladwell in ‘Blink’

‘The Power of Thinking Without Thinking’

How long does it take to make a decision? What influences our decision making processes? Do you always follow your instincts or have to follow a step process that pulls from experience, knowledge, and other factors? Perhaps it depends on what it is you are deciding on.

Blink is about the moments when we “just know something without knowing why we know it.” We are used to the idea that the quality of a decision depends on the length it takes to make it, as well as the effort we put into making that decision. Such efforts include things like gathering enough information. Blink points out that there are moments when snap judgments offer a better means to making good decisions.

Throughout the book, he shares stories of how people made decisions at a glance, as well as studies conducted to show the power in these snap judgments. Gladwell also shows the times when these snap judgments betray us. He goes into when we should trust our instincts and when we should be prudent – “when to blink and when to think.” He also shares how these snap judgments can be controlled and educated.

This is an interesting book that helps us understand how our brains work, understanding ourselves and the world in the process. It’s great for both personal decision-making as well as to guide you through leadership. 

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