Review: ‘You Are a Badass At Making Money’ by Jen Sincero

“What comes out of your mouth comes into your life.”

– Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero, the author of You Are A Badass, has some advice when it comes to getting serious with your relationship with money and how to improve your financial situation.

You Are a Badass

However, if you’re tired of reading or hearing everything even remotely close to The Secret, Thoughts Are Things, Think and Grow Rich, and the likes, you might not be willing to sit through this overused advice.  

If you’re not yet gagging from what may be like a basket of clichés to others, here’s what you can learn from You Are a Badass at Making Money.

The book is about inspecting your relationship with money, transforming it, facing the real truth of what’s standing between you and the riches you desire, and how to make better choices with your finances.

Transforming your financial reality begins with giving yourself permission to have the riches you desire. It’s about giving yourself the allowance to creating a healthy desire for wealth and to stop denying yourself the things that bring you the most joy.

Sincero advises that you should inspect the reasons you’re not swimming in loads of money yet. Question your beliefs, and remember that whatever you believe, you experience. She advises that you pay attention to the words you use when it comes to how you relate to money and the influence those words have. Your thoughts also play a significant role in that your limiting thoughts could be blocking your riches.

She also speaks of Universal Intelligence, which may go by many names – God, Spirit, etc. She talks about everything around us being energy and how your thoughts alert Universal Intelligence to what it is you are creating in your mind. She goes into the way you can harness the power of the Universe.

The book talks about becoming specific and making a list of specific reasons why you love being rich. It is repeated throughout the book that whatever consumes your thoughts becomes your reality, and so what occupies your thoughts when it comes to money, whether abundance or scarcity, you create more of. She emphasises having the right money mindset and attitude.

Some of the ways she prescribes to align your thoughts with the abundance you so desire, or the wealthy person you desire to become, are meditation, visualization, having a talk with money, avoiding resistance to change, forming successful habits, and serving others.

If you’ve read or watched The Secret (or you can find myriads of similar posts on Instagram) then you may not enjoy this book as much. The more you flip through the pages the more it may start sounding repetitive, like, “Yes, I get it! Mindset. Thoughts. Vibration. Universe.”

The enjoyment and benefit of this book depend on what you believe. Some people call the whole you-create-your-reality-with-your-thoughts idea bullshit and so this book will be a waste of time.

For people who do firmly believe in vibrations and surrender to the Universe to go out of its way for them, this is the book for you.

Mindset is important when you want to transform your life, but a lot of books like this don’t emphasise the equal, if not more, the importance of action.

Which brings me to the next book …

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