My Writing/Reading Spots: Noir Gallery

I’ve been driving past this place almost every day without noticing that the sign has changed from Serenity Spa to Noir Gallery. So I decided to pop in and see what they have.

I had never seen the fountain in full function with the previous place and it was so refreshing to see it alive, it adds so much more life to the centre of the building. A short passage leads to the indoor lounge area, cosy and warm with wooden tones and comfortable grey chairs.

As soon as you step out onto the terrace the view takes your breath away. A stretch of grass, majestic trees, and the freshness of nature greet you. I love how, unlike most restaurants with gardens, they chose not to disturb the garden. The outdoor seating is organised right at the back on the concrete and the trees and plants have been left in peace.

When sitting at the back in a cosy and breezy area, you have a view of the building (house). Slightly uphill, the impressive house peeks behind some of the plants and trees, adding to the overall aesthetic.

From the one meal I had (it’s actually a sandwich, not a burger), the food is good. The only thing I’d fault is the slightly over-toasting of the bread. However, the flavours were there and the meal was a generous portion, I couldn’t finish.

It’s also child-friendly, with the open grass for them to play and run around, and they include a kids’ menu.

The bar is also set up pretty well. Outside in the fresh air, what better way to enjoy your cocktails?

I’m obsessed with large garden venues and this one wins for me. It was the perfect place for a quiet time to read and enjoy my own company. It’s so serene and soothing though, with my full belly, that at some point I was so soothed I started falling asleep.

The “Gallery” part? They’ve been open for less than a month and while the restaurant is set up and operating, they’re finishing up the gallery upstairs. I can’t wait!

Noir Gallery, Muthangari Drive, Westlands, Nairobi.


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