My Writing/Reading Spots: Lava Latte

Art, serenity and tasty food.

Snuggled cosily on the quiet State House Road is the friendly, colourful, and tranquil Lava Latte. A laid-back coffee shop with an unhurried vibe, delicious food, and eclectic surroundings. The style draws you in, playful and bright, with a mix of red and white chairs, yellow walls, bookshelves, plants, and wall art from local artists.

Playful decor

It has different seating areas – different rooms with mixes of patterns and textures and outside with a serene and enchanting ambiance.

Quiet nook.

When it was time for us to leave, after four (or more) hours we realised we had neither asked about Wi-Fi nor constantly checked our phones. Our phones were out only for capturing the different cool features of the place. It’s the kind of place that makes you forget about everything else.

We ordered paninis with potato wedges. Yes, please, I’ll be back for more. The taste was just exquisite and the portions were filling. The bursting flavours in such simple meals were impressive and delightful.

They have small shelves on the different parts of the room, with authors like Jo Nesbø, James Patterson, Jeffrey Archer, and Andrzej Sapkowski. This creative space has a flow of art all around, from the raw walls, the floral bar, the pictures, the hanging art, to the furnishing and the graffiti outside.  

It’s a perfect place to be if you want some quiet time, a space to boost your creativity as you work, and just to have a tasty meal with good coffee.

Check it out:

209 Statehouse Road,

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