Writer’s Corner: Advice for Freelancers

“Discover the power of your own success.”

Book: Brilliant Freelancer

Author: Leif Kendall

Brilliant Freelancer

Brilliant Freelancer is a simple guide to beginning or continuing with freelancing, and includes answers to some questions that usually come up when you want to start or wondering if you should keep going.

This is a guide for different kinds of freelancers and writers can greatly benefit from it.

He makes the distinction between freelancer and contractor:

Freelancer: “A self-employed person who sells their professional services by the hour, day, or projects.”

Contractor: “A self-employed person who sells their professional services for contracted periods of times (anything from a few weeks to many months.”

The book answers questions that you may have when thinking of starting freelancing, whether as a side hustle as a main source of income. He also gives examples of why you may choose the freelance route, such as; to determine your own career, if you were made redundant, or not wanting to continue being cocooned in a company. There are, of course, other reasons you may have.

It gives advice on how to check your readiness for freelancing by, for example, showing good vs bad motivations. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both freelancing and permanent employment. There are also things to consider such as the impact it can have on family life.

Working from home.

Look at freelancing as a small business and look to traditional businesses for advice on solutions to challenges you may be facing.

You will also find guidance on finding your first clients, retaining and managing them, dealing with difficult clients, and declining clients. There is also plenty of information on things such as charging rates, budgets, and quotes. There is also more on becoming a company and the different types you can choose from, marketing, having an online presence, blogging, finding a gap in the market, specialising, and networking.

Working from a restaurant.

Brilliant Freelancer is an easy guide to helping you thrive on your freelancing endeavour, making it work and dealing with all sorts of challenges that come with it. Going freelance can be a scary leap and this is the sort of book that can help you overcome them and make the best decisions.

Leif Kendall: Kendall Copywriting

Leif Kendall is a freelance copywriter who offers SEO copywriting and content marketing services.

Website: Kendall Copywriting

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