Poetry: Divan of Shah by Shah Asad Rizvi


is the key

to all doors

of peace.”

Divan of Shah is a collection of poetry that explores the dance of love, life, consciousness, and all things that truly matter. It’s been long since I’ve read poetry that doesn’t sound like its authors attended the same workshop, so reading this was refreshing.

The collection is made up of just a little over a hundred poems, with structures that bounce from short to long, and breaks of wise and beautiful quotes. This tender anthology is an honest display of love in its rawness and vulnerability.

The poems take us into a bold journey of love – a love of life, of self and other. There are some elegant and exquisite poems that I found deeply romantic and mood-elevating. There’s a lot of dance in the poems and when you drink enough to understand the context you’ll find how well he writes about dance beyond the physical. There’s the experience of dance within, of feeling, of the soul, and celebrating the dance of life as a gift.

“One step at a time

stumbling on struggles

and courage turns the tide,

we dance the dance of life”

It is quite long, and it took me double the time I’d thought it would take me. However, if it’s not borrowed then there is no need to hurry it. Take sips of it and enjoy every depth and breadth of it.


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