Learning How To Make Sure That Our Thoughts Set Us Up For Success.

A review of ‘Thoughts Are Things’.

Authors: Bob Proctor and Greg S. Reid

After reviewing Think and Grow Rich, The Secret and The Magic, I looked on my shelf and figured this would be the perfect book to follow since you’ll find similar, if not the same, advice in them.

Thoughts Are Things uses philosophies from Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich to explore the ways in which our thoughts determine whether we become successful or not. It takes a look at how the mindset of successful people is different from those who are not. Proctor and Reid share stories of people who have done exceptionally well in business and in life, and who’ve had a positive impact on people’s lives. Their stories show how their thoughts, combined with action, have resulted in their achievements.

It’s a simple book that has an abundance of motivation and guidance. What makes it different from the aforementioned books is how it stresses the importance of taking action. There’s an emphasis here on how thoughts alone don’t determine success. You may look at the title and think it’s another ‘think and it will miraculously come to you’ kind of book but you’ll be surprised at how it repeatedly reminds you of that important transition of thought to action.

There’s also plenty of advice on seeking opportunities, using fear as your fuel, preparing for problems, having the right attitude and surrounding your dreams with the right emotions.

It is good for personal development and it will change the way you think about what you think about. It’s useful not just for motivating you to have the right mindset but also for reminding you about execution.

“The ultimate formula for success = Thought + Action.”

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