Rhonda Byrne lets us in on a little Secret.

Title: The Secret

Author: Rhonda Byrne

You’ve probably heard people like Oprah talk about it, people like Denzel Washington, Steve Harvey, Jim Carrey, Paulo Coelho and many other famous successful people that we can learn a thing or two from. The whole concept of like attracting like, being able to see it in order to be or have it and how we can manifest, or are constantly manifesting things into existence.

The Secret!

This book features twenty-four teachers who talk about the law of attraction, personal experiences and those of other people they’ve met and how we can use this law to benefit us. Some of them are, Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor, Dr Denis Waitley, Jack Canfield and many other. Now, some people look at this book and say things like, “I don’t believe in this hippie stuff of just visualizing something and it will come into existence,” and quickly dismiss it. I guess it depends on how you read it and what you understand.

What The Secret essentially says is that our thoughts become things, we create what we are and have with what we’re constantly thinking about – both positive and negative. Your predominant thoughts are the magnet that attract things to you. So it advises that if you want positive things like wealth, healthy relationships and good health you have to make sure that the thoughts you keep and your actions are aligned with that which you desire. Some of the teachers stress that you cannot want wealth when you keep contradicting thoughts of poverty. Like attracts like, so you need to be what you seek.

Some people call it a revelation of how to attract miracles into their lives while some call it bullshit. Again, it depends on how you read and understand it. It’s very easy not to figure out the ‘action’ part. In the process of aligning yourself with what you desire, you work towards, you act as though you already have it, behaving in a way you would if you already had it. That’s a crucial part some people miss and therefore take the whole book as ‘close your eyes, imagine something and it will magically appear.’

I’ve read The Secret three times and have found it quite useful in making changes in my personal life. You don’t have to be a sage-smudging, tree-hugging, om-humming and mantra-chanting hippie to understand this book. You only need an open mind because it talks about things that can easily contradict many things that you’ve been taught to believe. I don’t agree with every single thing it says but that’s what happens when you read, you’re allowed to take what you take and leave other things outside. That’s how I enjoyed and used The Secret. I also got to put it to use by not using it as some miracle creating text but rather as a form of guidance.

It will be enjoyed by people who’ve read books like The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

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