Seth Godin encourages us to ‘stop advertising and start innovating’ in Purple Cow.

“The old ways of marketing are dead – and being safe is now too risky.” – Seth Godin

Seth is an acclaimed marketing and leadership guru and his books have been hailed as revolutionary and inspiring. This is my third read by him and I will confess that I’m officially a Godin disciple.

He first gives an example of driving past grazing cows and spotting a purple one, and how that would be unexpected and extraordinary. This Purple Cow is that extraordinary and special thing that companies need. It is a new P in the established Ps of marketing.

In the book, he indicates how we have moved from word of mouth pre-advertising to mass media when advertising came along and back to the similar pre-advertising where we are moving information through a population. This dissemination of information is done by early adopters, who he calls ‘sneezers’ and advises that a company focus on because they’re the people who spread your idea or message about your product. Godin uses very good study cases of companies like Logitech, Dr Bronner’s, Curad and many others who have used successful techniques for their products and services.

In terms of readability, this is a very easy and to-the-point book. You don’t have to be a marketer to understand it because there’s no barrage of hard-to-digest marketing jargon to swim through while trying to get the gist of the book. His style of presenting information is simple and clear.

I found it quite useful because of this age of social media that we live in and the way it has made it possible to distribute ideas and information. This is the age of influencers and it works, and so the book is relatable and relevant. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting off or have been in the game for a while, Purple Cow is worth a read and will provide you with applicable strategies that you can apply to your business.

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