Get Your Copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

We’re giving away two copies of Think and Grow Rich. If you want to find out what the book’s about, read the review here.

Here’s how to stand a chance to win a copy:

  • Comment here on this post, or
  • Comment on our Instagram post (@the_bookneighbourhood), or
  • Comment on our Twitter post (@NM_Seg)

In your comment, tell us how often you read or how often you’d like to read. That’s it.

Winners will be announced on Friday, 21 June 2019. Good luck.

This applies to Kenya and South Africa.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” 
― Napoleon Hill

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6 thoughts on “Get Your Copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill”

  1. I spend a minimum of an hour every day for leisure reading. I thought I wouldn’t enjoy reading as much because most of my time is spent nursing my Thesis nightmares (lol I actually do like my thesis but flames). I did not grow up around the culture of books or reading and I am constantly trying to compensate for all that I have missed. I think just like any book lover we would all love to read more but books are a luxury item in SA, but I make an effort to support authors.


    1. An hour is way more than most people even dare to attampt. 👏👏 Yho! I can imagine with academic demands, but you still read outside of school. You know, I absolutely agree with you on the luxury part. I stopped buying books in SA, the prices are way too much, discouraging. Hopefully it gets better at some point.


  2. I read almost everyday (for about an hour and a half) when I travel to work. (Perks of using public transport! ) I just struggle on weekends because it gets too busy!

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